Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Floors on Monday

To try to keep my house from becoming dirty to the point of no return, Mondays are my days to clean the floors.  One positive from having a small house is that there is not a huge amount of floor to clean, but it still takes a bit of time.  The kids now love the vacuum since I am vacuuming on a regular basis (Nate used to be really scared of it) and play chase while I vacuum the floors.  Then comes the kitchen floor.  I never knew a floor could get so dirty...only after 7 days!  It does give me a sense of accomplishment though to go from seeing something so incredibly dirty with food, sand, dirt and other things to being shiny clean while the kids are sleeping!  I say while the kids are sleeping because as soon as they get up, juice will get spilled, snacks to end up all over the floor or dirt will get tracked in again.  I feel like my mom when I tell my kids, "Take off your shoes! I just cleaned the floor!!!"  Oh well.  Life will happen... and I'll clean it again next week.  And no, I do not want a dog to clean it for me as of yet.  Maybe when Nate is old enough to take it for walks...

On another note, I LOVE the H2O cleaning products I have been using recently.  Have you heard of them or use them?  And what is your routine for trying to keep your house somewhat clean?

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