Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Chipmunk victory

Guess what we caught today!?!?  The chipmunk that has been burrowing himself into our roof for winter.  Its amazing how temping a little peanut butter on a piece of cardboard can be.  We had another little furry friend in our roof about this time last year as well.  I'm thinking of spray painting this guy's tail to see if it is the same one if it returns again.  But for now, I'll have a heart and not kill him.  He is kinda cute... but hearing him scratch in your roof at all hours is not pleasant.

Little Miss had to have her picture taken as well since brother had his taken.


I just adore this picture of Joseph and our kiddos.  He is brushing Chloe's hair after bath time and they are having some video time to wind down before bedtime.  His gentleness and affection are so apparent and he embodies for me in so many ways the love of our heavenly Father.  My children are super blessed.

So am I.

Married Couples Group

We are super blessed by being a part of a married couples group that meets every week.  We had a progressive dinner last week and had the kids babysat and greatly enjoyed time with one another.  As I was thinking about just life in general today and my busy "to do" lists (yes, plural), I was reminded about what is really important.  While we were in New Zealand, our pastor there was doing a sermon series called "People Matter".  I wish you could hear him say that in his kiwi accent... so great... anyway... People are what is truly important.  Loving people is what was important to to Jesus and what should be important to us.

Take a quick minute today and thank someone for their role in your life.

Just reading

My kids have been infatuated with books these days.  They sat here on the floor for over 20 minutes the other day, quietly, reading to themselves while I got dinner ready.  Trust me... this is not the norm.  They normally want me to read to them, which I love to oblige when I can.  Its a good thing God gave me two legs since they both want to sit on my lap.  Its so sweet.  They also are not hurting for books.  Their Aunt Aly gave Nate a huge box of books soon after he was born and we get hand-me-downs from my school teacher sister Mary occasionally.

I love that they love books.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Spooner Lake

Well, it got cold and then the snow came.  I knew it had to come eventually, but I was still kinda dreading it non the less.  I mean it is gorgeous and all, and I enjoy it tremendously for a few days... but then I miss summer.  What can I say? I'm just a true Texas girl.

Anyway, we took advantage of the beautiful white scenery, dug out our winter snow clothes and took a hike around Spooner Lake.  The wind had not blown all of the aspen leaves down so there was still some glorious autumn leaves in the midst of a winter wonderful.  Simply beautiful.

Horsetail Falls

We have done this hike before but never in the Fall.  It was neat to get to climb down on the rocks that are normally covered in rushing Spring water.  The views were glorious, the company fantastic.  I'll let the pictures tell the rest...

The Gang

Rhi and I 

Smoochy smoochy

The weather came in fast as did the cold. 

 Little love birds

Going "off trailing" on a long fallen tree

We got down from the trail just in time as we saw it snowing up at the waterfall.  We warmed up and then the two crazy boys decided to do a mountain biking ride on "Mr Toad's Wild Ride", a very technical downhill trail after burning some major calories in the uphill climb.  Joe's hands were unfrozen for a moment for him to take this photo.

It was an active day and I loved it.  Its so wonderful to get out hiking and breathing the fresh icy air and  enjoy the beauty of God's creation!

Uncle Ben and Aunt Rhi's visit

We had a blast with Uncle Ben and Aunt Rhi Rhi for the past few days during their visit.  They are currently moving from Montana to Las Vegas so we now share a state and they are our closet relatives!!  Rhiannon is carrying their first little bun in her oven and is due the end of February! Anyway, we had a great time being active and yet taking it slow when the snow came.  We enjoyed the fire, played tons of cards and had a bunch of good laughs.  

I'll put up a couple other posts of the snow and our hikes while they were here in the near future!

Thanks for coming out Ben Jammin and Rhi Rhi!  We LOVED having you and miss you heaps!  See you again soon~

Birthday boy #2

My handsome hubs turned 31 this year.  We had a wonderful time celebrating his birthday with my brother and his wife, Ben and Rhi, who were in town.  Since it was a very cold, wet/snowish day, we went to Tot Spot in the morning to let the kids run around and play.

That afternoon, Rhi (and Ben I think :) ) took care of the kiddos so Joe and I could get away on a fun date.  I had made a Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Cheesecake which we all enjoyed after dinner that evening.

Nate was excited about there being another birthday and kept saying he wanted to "Share the birthday with Daddy".

We finished the evening by Ben and Rhiannon letting Joe smash them in Cribbage and a friendly game of Spades.

Happy birthday to the love of my life!

Birthday boy #1

My little man turned 3 this month.  Grammie and Gramps were here to help celebrate.  We had a little party on the night of his birthday and a few of his friends and their families came over for dinner and cake.  We made it a "Dora" theme since Nate is on a Dora the Explorer kick.  "Swipper" (aka: my parents) took the cake and so we had to use the "map" to find it.  We had to go down the ramp to the Tallac Center, through the locked door, and down the elevator.  For those of you who are familiar with Dora, you will appreciate this.  The kids were DEVASTATED when they saw the cake was gone, but we quickly sang the "Map" song and some smiles returned.  Cake is a big deal at birthday parties.  :)

Anyway, it was a fun day!  Enjoy the pictures.


I accidentally put a 2 on the cake at first.... oops

 He's old enough to open his own presents this year

Serious business of blowing out the candles 

Fun with friends

Adley likes it

Chloe definitely likes it

My little 3 year old

Someone is a little upset that her cake is all gone

Jen and Ryan

Tifney and Fin

All the munchkins!  

The Sunzeri Family

My good lookin parents

Watching a "Happy birthday" video from Auntie Mar

Chloe playing with Gramps

Time for a diaper change?

Birthday party sucess