Thursday, October 18, 2012

Four whole days!

My parents had planned on visiting my cousin up in Bend, OR while they were here.  My mom had the brillant idea of taking the kiddos with them so they could play with their second cousins and Joe and I could have a little break.  It was such a HUGE blessing!  I deep cleaned my house the first day they left and it actually stayed clean for the next couple days! Joe and I had some wonderful time together and Grammie and Gramps got some special time with their grand-children.  Win win!

My cousin and her family live on a farm outside of Bend and the kids had a blast playing with their cousins and watching the cows and chickens.  And Nate got a haircut! :)

Joe and I just sat around and drank all day missing our children.  Just kidding!  We went out for ice cream shakes one night, mixed drinks the next and had a wonderful coffee date using our free drink coupons from Starbucks as well.  If you are going to get a venti drink, you've gotta have the time to sit and enjoy it!

 The big thing that we accomplished was biking all the way around Lake Tahoe one day.  We were pumped and excited and ready for it in spirit, but not really in body.  I guess next time I ride 74 miles, I might actually train for it.  I'm sorry there are no pictures of the beautiful views from all around the lake... we (read: I) were just too tired to stop and take a photo... and that is saying a lot for me and Joe!  But we made it with only a few tears shed.  ;)

Looking back on this post I realize that there are a lot of exclamation points!!  But it truly was something to be excited about.  Thank you heaps and heaps Grammie and Gramps for blessing us in this tremendous way!

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  1. What fun for us! The kids did great. Aunt Jessie and family were great hosts!!!