Saturday, November 17, 2012


I put Chloe's hair in pigtails for the first time yesterday.  She was extremely patient with me while I combed and tried several times to get her super thin hair into a holder.  I think she ended up looking super cute though. 

That day we had a "fall party" to attend with some good friends.  The kids got to do a fun turkey craft, we drank hot apple cider and had a great time controlling chaos.

I know... more pictures of Chloe.  I really just think I am shocked that she is such a big girl already.

This is my friend Kenna's daughter, Myelena, who had her own way of doing things.

 Here are some personalities for you. Adley crawling up on the couch to rearrange something on the window sill, Myelena sitting on top of the couch watching all that ensues, and Chloe thinking that the couch is a trampoline.

Chloe was SUPER attracted to Finn, my friend's little 10 week old.  I had to keep a close eye on her.

Thanks for a fun party Tifney!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Loud and proud

We decided to bundle up and go play in the snow a little bit the other day.  Even though it was SUPER cold, the fresh air was nice.  I have been really blessed with not having to buy any snow gear for my kiddos yet.  Even down to the gloves, we have had hand-me-downs.  This also means that Chloe has quite the vibrant outfit with her bibs and jacket.  I love it though.  The loud and proud message it gives off matches her personality. :)  

She didn't like there being snow on our pumpkin and proceeded to wipe it off.  


We decided that even though daddy was working that night, a fire was in order.  I'm getting good at starting fires and keeping them going!  We all enjoyed reading books in front of the fire that night.

Book Review: The Screwtape Letters

I just finished this excellent book by C. S. Lewis.  It was a re-read as I have read it a couple times before, but always get something new out of it.  Although humorous in a way, it is a thinker book and takes a bit of brain power to understand what he is talking about.  

The book is written from the perspective of a high-powered demon.  Therefore "The Enemy" is God and "patients" are human beings that the demons are desperately trying to win over to "Our Father" (Satan) in subtle ways.  Apparently, Mr. Lewis did not enjoy writing this book as he had to look deeply into the spiritual forces alive in this world and how swayed humans can be without even realizing it.  The way the book is written, as a demon looking for chinks in a particular Christian's armor, it shows us some of our vulnerabilities and helps us begin to see just how open we can be to the attacks from the true enemy!  Attitudes, patterns and easy-way-outs can be temptations from the enemy that we used to just accept as matter of fact.  Even the way the demon tries to use current events and close relationships to his "patient" to get him to turn away from the Lord and trust in himself show many tactics that the enemy might use in our own lives as well.  

It took me awhile to read this book... probably because I read at night before going to bed and its a hard one to read when you are exhausted, but I highly recommend it.  

There is also a short sequel of sorts to the "Letters" called, "Screwtape proposes a toast".  You can read it online here.  In this concise essay, Lewis brings to light some of the evils that can be hidden in the name of "Democracy".  VERY enlightening after our recent election.  Anyway, enough on that... just read it if you have a few minutes.  

Friday, November 9, 2012

Protect the carpet

Nothing like sharing a good lasagna dinner with friends on the kitchen floor.


November in Tahoe can go from this...(Taken a couple days ago) this.   (Taken this morning) 

Hence this.  

I am starting to hear Christmas music in the near future!!! Joe and my agreement is that I am not allowed to play Christmas music until after Thanksgiving unless we have snow that sticks on the ground in the front yard for more than 24 hours.  Can you tell we have talked about this.  Do you also realize how great my love of Christmas music is?!?!?

Brother harassment

Nate likes to climb in bed with Chloe sometimes in the morning.  I was hearing them laughing and had to go check it out.  I was able to catch the tail end of Chloe harassing her brother.  This cracks me up.  I especially like little Drama Mama when I tell her she can't do it anymore.

Tree huggers

Just so you know, I did not ask them to hug this tree.

Homemade applesauce

We have a couple apple trees on site here at ZP.  I don't know what kind they are except for one is green and the other are more of a red/yellow.. and they taste good.  They are not used for anything except to feed an occasional bear.  So I decided to grab a bunch and make some homemade applesauce!  I was over at a friend's house the other day as she was making some and it smelled so delicious I wanted to make some, just for the smell!  

Step 1: Gather the said fruit

Nate wanted to be on top of the car picking them as well

Apples apples!

Step 2: Peel, core and chop (this was a long process for tons of these tiny apples!) But of course my two constant helper are ready and able to pick up the stray peel on the ground and eat an apple piece while they are at it! 

Sharing is caring

Step 3: Chuck them all in the crock pot.  Add a little water, sugar and cinnamon and let simmer on low all day smelling the glorious smell.  

Step 4: (Not Pictured) Put in blender and blend till its the consistency you want.

Step 5: Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Makin cookies

I love having cookies around in the house.  Snickerdoodles.... yum!!!!! Probably not best for my figure... but whatever.  The kids LOVE helping too!  Probably because they gets licks of cookie dough and cookies straight out of the oven! They keep their eye on me though and keep me honest!  Its a bummer I can't steal a bite of cookie dough myself without them calling me out on it!

KitchenAid mixers are awesome

Can we eat some now?

Nate helps roll them in cinnamon while Chloe takes care of cleaning the mixer

A lovely day at the park

You have to say this post's title in an English accent.  Go on... try it again...

Ok, we headed to the park yesterday to enjoy some of this beautiful weather before the snow comes.  We could have been in short sleeves!

Can you spot two blonde heads?

She seriously gets cuter and cuter

Doing whatever big brother does

Sweet boy

I realize his overalls are short, but he dressed himself today

Nate with some random girl in a tree.... uh oh... you know what that means!

My baby girl

She plays hard... there is dirt/grass and blood stains to prove it

Monday, November 5, 2012


Looks like I've got my work cut out for me tonight.  Maybe a little folding party while watching Parenthood.  In any case, at least now we have clean clothes!

Hey good lookin...

Oh dear... it must be coming up on Winter.  Daddy is letting his beard grow again.

My big helper


This picture is just one very good reason why my children do not nap in the same room.


I am loving it that this girl likes to be girl and wear necklaces and bracelets and such.  Now you may think its because she sees her mommy wearing them, but that is most unlikely since I almost never wear jewelry these days.  We got out Nonnie's (Joe's late grandmother) costume jewelry the other day and let her at it.  So much fun to be had!  

She likes to put things on (as seen the following pictures with Daddy's hat and Mr. Potato Head's glasses) but only in her timing.  You can never really force her to do anything. 

But I can thankfully capture the moment quickly with the camera that comes on phones these days!

Just thought I'd give you a flash back picture to Nate the week before Chloe was born.  He enjoyed dressing up in Nonnie's necklaces too. :)  

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Face off!

I tell ya... you may think you are scary, but this girl is not backing down!!!

(Chloe and Roy, one of the maintenance guys here at ZP, at a staff lunch.) 


If you ever wanted a close up of the eyes in this Dalton family.

Can you name the order?