Saturday, November 3, 2012

Paci Addict

Yes, my son is a paci addict.  Do they have classes for that sort of thing?  Our rule was going to be that when he turned 3, the paci had to go cause he was a "big boy".  We ended up getting rid of it a little earlier than that cause he gave it to a new baby that was born.  But about the same time, he stopped taking naps.  I tried so many things to try to get him to sleep!  Then all of a sudden a few weeks ago, he starts napping again... and I also start losing some of Chloe's pacis.  It turns out he was stealing them from out of her crib during nap time and also trading her books and such at bedtime for her paci.  Then he would stash them in his bunk bed.  Other times, he would just crawl into her crib and take his nap there.  I would take them away from him at nap time but then he would not sleep, so like a good mother, I just looked the other way.

I think I am just going to have to let him use one until Chloe gets rid of hers... it seems to be a losing battle.  At what age did you child get rid of their "binky" if they even used one?

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