Thursday, December 20, 2012

Advent calendar

I love advent calendars! Its fun to turn a different number over each day and see the progression of the nearness of Christmas day!  Ok, so I have a little bit of a "child's heart" in me.  We attended our church's kids christmas program this year at the beginning of December and this was the project.  We were not able to stay for the whole thing so we took our calendar makings to go!  We then spent two afternoons (while Chloe was sleeping) finishing it up.  

The neat thing about this calendar is that each day is a different name for Jesus.  Then, we were provided with a little devo of sorts to help explain each name to our kids.  There is a scripture to read, a small activity and simple questions for the littles.  Nate is at the perfect age for this and gets into it every morning.  I'm not going to lie... there have been some days we have turned over two or three days because we have forgotten on the previous days.  

We get to tell our kids about how Jesus was prefect and never disobeyed.  Nate thought that was pretty awesome.

We get to talk about how He is strong and courageous and how he used his power for good.

We also talked about lambs and Jesus, though He is powerful, chose to be innocent and gentle and offer himself as a sacrifice for our sins.

We haven't done today's yet as it was a crazy morning heading to Carson do run some errands.  I kinda am tempted to not enter another store until after Christmas...which is only 5 days away!!!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Little performer

Nate had his first on stage performance at CBS last week.  Community Bible Study is a Bible Study I have been attending on Thursday mornings down in Carson which I love and they have a wonderful kid's program which is a huge perk!

I thought you'd enjoy seeing a short video of my little man singing.  I still can't believe he is already so old to be doing performances.  He was a little shy of all the parents sitting in the audience watching and very curious as to what everyone around him was doing, but I thought he did great!  Yes, I know I am his mother... and a proud one at that! :)

Dem boots

I got a couple pairs of boots handed down to me the other day.  I tried as hard as I could to make my size 7 foot fit correctly in a size 8 1/2 shoe, but to no avail.  Especially not with heels.  The kids enjoyed trying them on this morning though before I pass them on to the next lucky person with hopefully the right size foot.

Hittin the slopes

Joe surprised me on Saturday by finding a babysitter for a few hours and taking me out to hit the fresh powder on the slopes!  We had a great time and it was just the right amount of time back in the saddle.  My legs get tired so fast!  We even stopped on the way home to get a hot drink to warm up our insides. Thanks so much Doug and Lynne for watching the kiddos so we could get some time away to play together!

Although the kids didn't get to go this time around, they enjoyed trying on some helmets while we got our skis tuned up and ready to go.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Daddy's little girl

Joe was gone for a week for a Christian Camping Conference and I think Chloe missed him more than anyone! She cries for her daddy all the time. (Except after she gets punished by him... then she wants mommy.) Joe did her hair the other day in a pony tail and I thought it was super cute.

My big helpers

Sometimes I like to use that phrase to describe my children because they LOVE to help but usually just end up getting in the way.  It helps remind me that the process of making cookies and such should be enjoyed just as much as the end result.  Who cares if powdered sugar ends up all over the kitchen because Nate turned the kitchen aid on too fast too soon?  I am making memories with my children and as I get reminded my older ladies so often, these days of having young ones are fleeting so enjoy them!  

Ornament perusal

I thought I would capture a few of my favorite memorable ornaments and share their story with you.  

This is a little elf from when I was in Jr high and even into High school where the week before Christmas, my older sister and my friend who lived behind us would be "pretend elves" leaving little goodies on other neighbors porches.  

 This is from our first Christmas together as man and wife.

A cam ornament!  If you are a rock climber, you understand.

Made when I was ??? years old in AWANA.  You can sorta see my cubbie's vest.

A fantail from our first Christmas in New Zealand.  My dear friend Annie gave this to me.  The fantail is a popular bird in NZ.

A sweet little baby carriage from Joe's "first Christmas".

Joe's grandmother used to send him (and his siblings) an ornament a year from the time he was a year old till his 18th birthday all of a similar theme, all with the year on them.  He had rocking horses and there are some really neat ones!  This one is from 1985.

Last year while we were in Texas, I actually did a Pintrest idea and made ornaments with each of my kiddo's handprints.  I love the little chubby fingers of Chloe's.

And lastly, I wanted to show you my tree skirt that my Grandpa Opp had made years ago.  It is so beautiful and completes this tree ensemble.

And just for kicks, I wanted to show you what it looked like outside as I was taking these photos yesterday.  Looks like its going to be a white Christmas after all!

Oh Christmas tree

Once we had selected our tree, cut it down, and set it up (tying it to the rafters to keep it straight and standing), it was time to decorate!  First step, lights.  Unfortunately, even though we checked all the strands of lights before putting them on the tree, one set decided to be unruly and only half of it work after putting it on the tree.  So with a slight hiccup of having to go purchase another set of lights so our tree would not be only 3/4 lit, we were ready for the ornaments.  

The kids had a great time helping put the ornaments on the tree and were actually fairly helpful!  Then they decided they wanted to smother me with kisses.  I love being smothered with their kisses.

I think it turned out really well!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The hunt

We took up the hunt again this year for the perfect Christmas tree.  Saturday morning after a "Pancakes with Santa" party at the local community center, we took our rope and saw and headed out.  After two stops of striking out with no decent trees and a stop for lunch, we ended up where we had gotten our tree last year.  We had a blast meandering through the forest, walking across fallen trees and searching for just the right tree.  The kids did AWESOME following along behind us and picking up sticks and throwing rocks and having a great time... even though it was the middle of their nap time.

I dare say we found quite a lovely tree. :)

On the hunt

Where is it?

What about that one!

Lets make a decision and do it!  (After MUCH waffling by Momma)

Helping daddy cut it down by pushing on it.

Come on mom!  You are taking forever!

Just a little big

Nate and Adley... together again after a long separation!

My phone then died at this point so there aren't any pictures of the tree cut down or what now.  But we had a great time!