Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Book review: Crazy Love

I would highly recommend this book by Francis Chan about living a life sold out for Jesus.  He writes this book not to condemn the American Church for their mediocracy, but as a loving challenge that we were meant for more!  He might get under skin a little in his description of a lukewarm believer but you might get excited with the idea of being crazy in love with your Savior and what that might cause you to do.  I have read a few reviews on the controversial topic of Lordship theology vs. Free grace theology and will leave that decision up to you.  But either way, this book is very challenging to not just settle in a routine Christian life but examine yourself to see if you are truly living in a way that brings honor and praise to the Lord.

This book has a message that too many of us desperately need to hear.  Are we living a life that is too safe and too easy?  If you were to remove the aspect of faith from your life, would it look any different?

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