Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Deep South Vaca: Part 1

We just got back from a fun trip to the "Deep South" as I am calling it.  We flew into Atlanta, GA. rented a car to drive further south to visit my brother, Caleb, in Warner Robbins and then came back through Atlanta, then to Nashville, TN. and then completed the trip on to Louisville, KY.  We have had the itch to visit friends and family in that area and decided that before we had to pay full price for a plane ticket for Chloe, we better hit it up!

We were inspired by, loved on, and encouraged by our visit to many dear friends.  I will let the pictures tell the stories. :)

The kids were champs with the travelling.  Since we had to leave our house in the 5 o clock hour, I made some pigs in a blanket the night before for us to have for breakfast in the airport.

Nate enjoyed looking out the window.

Since we travelled on Valentine's Day, Southwest was offering free drinks!  So yes, me and my Valentine hit it up at 9 in the morning! :)

Reading books

Playing with daddy

Our first day in Warner Robins, GA was GORGEOUS!!!

We played a lot of tennis with Uncle C-Dogg and it was so fun!

My little ball boy and girl in training.  

Cheers to drinking sweet tea and catching some Vitamin D with my bro!

We took the kids to Caleb's base to check out some airplanes!

Nate was SO excited the whole time.

 Mommy can have fun too

My superman

Look at all the airplanes mommy!!!

I don't expect these temps to return till July in Tahoe. :)  

Chloe sleeping or not sleeping in the closest

You never know what Nate is going to get up to durring his "naptime"

Chloe having a little dance with Uncle C

We explored a place called Lane Farms.

And enjoyed some delicious peach cobbler.  Please now start talking in a slow southern drawl.  :)

We met up with my cousin Heather and her husband Mark and three girls.  They had a gymnastics competition that day.

The whole gang.  Their girls are getting so big! I think the last time I saw Mark was when I was in high school. 

Caleb also took us shooting!  My first time.  I have to admit, it was a little scary.

Joe was a pro though!  I was amazed by his accuracy.  I feel so safe... although I guess he would have to have access to a gun. :)

Nate enjoying the morning on the back porch.

Chloe getting some pointers on her putting.

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