Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Potty training

Well, potty training on little diva girl has commenced.  We have kinda flirted with the idea for awhile, but with the previous big trip, I didn't want to jump in with both feet and not be able to go all the way.  So for Chloe's birthday, we gave her some padded "training underwear".  I'm started to think this idea to potty train her was not such a good idea after the last few days though.  She did REALLY well at first and had minimal accidents the first few days.  Then I don't know what happened.  Maybe it had to do with the fact that we actually did things like playing outside or going to friends houses... but I am SO tired of her constant wet underwear.  I really just want to throw in the towel, but I'm hoping this is just a setback that she will recover from.  She was the one who initiated this in the first place because she started refusing to wear diapers, or would take them off all the time.

The key I think is just to be next to her at all times and even put her on the potty once an hour just to "try".  But man that takes a lot of work cause her "tries" sometimes take a long time of sitting there reading her books and such.

I think I can I think I can I think I can....

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Chloe's Tutu Party

We had a Tutu party to celebrate Chloe turning TWO!  She had 4 friends and their families come over to play, dance, and eat cake.  

Here are Jen and Leila hard at work on the tutus!

The new trampoline was a lot of fun for the guests as well.

Chloe just really cared about the food at first.

Erin working on Samantha's

Tifney working on Adley's

 The cake!  Maybe some of that time I spent working at the rock gym in Auckland where people brought in these amazing birthday cakes wore off on me.  This did not turn out exactly amazing, but it was definitely more creative than any other bday cake I've ever made!

 Chattin and playin

Oh course the men were greatly enjoying themselves too.  :)

Adley and Chloe double bouncing

My beautiful spirited 2 year old!

Judah and Nate getting a go at it

A picture of Leila unbeknownst to her. :)

First order of business: a ballet lesson.


RelevĂ© into a spin 

Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures of the dance party that followed.  We did a freeze dance game where the kids had to hold some freeze dance move when the music was paused.  It was lots of fun and got the adults involved too! Maybe I'll put up the video of it later.

Next was the cake!  All the kids were highly anticipating this part of the birthday party. :) I think Chloe was trying to figure out why her doll's hands were holding candles.  I thought it was ingenius though.  Good idea daddy!

 She is actually pretty good at blowing out candles.

Yay.. go me!


All the kids eating their cake on a sheet on the dance floor. :)

Chloe had an abundance of help opening her gifts as well!

Chloe is a very blessed girl!

We set up a tent and got right back to playing!

Finn and Jordan

The littles and their mommas

Somehow all the kids migrated upstairs and into Nate's bed.  You can't see Ryan in this picture, but she is in the bed as well!

Happy happy birthday my gorgeous wonderful baby girl!  God made you just right and I am so thankful that I to get to be your mommy!!

My baby is 2!

We had a fun time getting to celebrate Chloe's 2nd birthday last week.  We had just gotten back in town a couple days before from our trip but we were prepared to party! She woke up to seeing the gift that Joe and I got for her... an indoor trampoline.  This one was a hit!  

I especially like that it helps her wear out some of her endless energy!

She had a great time opening other gifts from Nana and Papa and Grammie and Gramps!  You can see her brother was never too far away!

Her very own ballerina baby doll!

We went up to the office after lunch to share some birthday cake with the Zephyr Point staff.

Cutie patootie.

One of her gifts from mommy and daddy was the big girl underwear that she is wearing in this picture.  More on that later...

Grammie sent her a purse with lots of fun things including sunglasses and chapstick!

Its true, she is growing up.  No babies in this family!  P.S.  I love how she wears her sunglasses upside down.