Friday, September 27, 2013

Our couch

We are blessed to have a couch to sit and relax on or entertain guests with.  But we also use it and its pillows in unconventional ways sometimes.  Here are just a couple recent examples.  

Don't you love the dance party going on next to the "BMX track"?

Also, if you haven't already realized, I am trying to catch up on blogging on the happenings from the past couple of months.  Stay tuned for more updates and I apologize for the onslaught of pictures.  Life just keeps on happening!

Aunt KJ's visit!

We were super excited to have Aunt KJ come for a visit!  It is so wonderful to have sisters (and Aunts)!

A hike out to Castle Rock

Getting to ride horses with my friend Kim

Gig 'em Ags

Katie babysat for an evening so Joe and I could have a date night at the Sand Harbor stage!

Even with the rain, we had a great time playing at Chimney Beach

Cuddles with Aunt Katie

We got to ride horses TWICE as I also had bought a Groupon deal for riding lessons in Gardnerville.  

And a coffee date :)

Watching a gorgeous sunset

Thanks for coming out Katie.  It was wonderful to have you here and a joy and a blessing to get to share a little piece of life with you.  The kids missed you for days to come after you left.  Don't be a stranger! :)

Fun in Reno

With the imminent arrival of Aunt Katie, we decided to spend the day in Reno before picking her up from the airport that evening.  We went to visit my friend Beth and play in her pool then explored the HUGE store of Scheels and of course rode the carousel inside the store.  I'm glad that I have a tall 2 year old so I could ride with both my kiddos... with the height minimum being 36 inches.

A fairy birthday party

I feel like all of our closer friends had their kids in the late summer/autumn season.  Which makes for lots of birthday parties in the fall!  We attending a "Fairy Birthday Party" for Myelena and it was lots of fun.  I did the best I could to throw together a costume for my kiddos the morning of.

The birthday girl and my two

Face painting... my kids were intrigued

"Fairy house" painting

Chloe did really well sitting still


He had picked out this picture of a rainbow and hearts from among her samples and would not be persuaded for something more "manly"

Of course I'm going to dress up too if I can! :)  And sweet Kenna, the birthday Momma. 

A king and his fairies :)


So Nate has loved riding the local BMX course with his friend Adley and entering the races on Friday nights with the other Strider Bikes.

 Daddy had to run behind Nate to help him get up some of the bigger hills at first

Adley and Nate just off the starting blocks

I'm already the mom cheering from the bleachers. :)

So proud of this little guy