Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Oh September

Here is some of our September in photos...

Watching the Labor Day fireworks show from the top of Round Hill with the Spoelstras

First french braid on the little miss

Bring on the snow!

Double date night out country dancing

Dog sitting for a sweet little puppy

Quick overnight trip to Reno to see a Cirque show and play at one of the casinos.  No, not play slots... just go karts and such. :) 

First day of "Study Buddies"

After study buddies (I was the teacher that day and she still ended up with marker all over her arms)


My beautiful friend Bonnie gets married

An old friend, Jessica Schmale, came out to do photos for the wedding and it was awesome to get to see her!

Nap time??

Yeah right...

My little stripper on the playground

Snuggling with daddy

The healthy choice

Riding the gondola

Date night to go hiking...

..and discover some beautiful NV side beaches

Joe and I did a MEGA 50 mile bike ride over two summits.  First climb over Spooner summit and then down to Carson.  Then down through the valley to Minden before climbing up and over Kingsbury grade.  I only cried twice. :) 

Enjoying a sunset with my little sunshine

On a side note: They are not in pictures yet, but Nana and Papa drove out from TX for an extended visit and arrived right before Bonnie's wedding.  You will see them off and on in the coming blogs.  Sadly, they couldn't stay forever and drove home this past week, but it was SO WONDERFUL having them here! Hence, why Joe and I were able to go on a long bike ride and on a hiking date. :) 

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Couch surfing

Couch surfing... slightly different than crowd surfing or body surfing, but with the same general idea.  Only life jackets and couch pillows are required!


Joe got to play a round of golf with some buddies from work so I of course brought the kiddos to cheer them in on the 18th hole.  I have to teach my children proper golf etiquette. :)  Definitely had some flash backs to my childhood.

Potholes hike

I love getting to explore new hikes and places and we got to see several this summer.  Its amazing how this is our fourth summer living in Tahoe and there is still so many new places to see and explore!  

We headed down highway 88 towards Kirkwood and enjoyed a small hike to the "Potholes".  We went with a few acquaintances from church and since it was only about a mile out, the kids both hiked it themselves.  We had been holed up for over a week because of all the smoke from the Yosemite Rim Fire, and even though it was still incredibly smokey, there were still great views to be hard.  And thankfully neither of my kids has asthma.  I also forgot to bring sweaters for myself and the kiddos but one of the ladies we were with had an extra hat and scarf.  Its one of those things I should be used to by now from living in Tahoe... ALWAYS BRING A SWEATSHIRT! Even in the middle of summer.  

Another sunset

Although it may just be one more sunset, each is beautiful, different and unique in its own way.  A favorite activity of ours in the summer time is to head down to the water to throw in rocks and watch the sunset.  Beauty and peace.

Aces game

Back in the end of August (can you tell I'm WAY behind), we took the family to Reno to an Aces minor league baseball game.  We got there early and enjoyed the fun kids zone, watched a few innings and then headed out to be home not to late.  It was great!

Waiting in line for the bouncy house

The sun setting over downtown

Chloe swinging away


We root, root root for the ASTROS... I mean, HOME TEAM!

DIY project: Hair accessory board

I had been wanting to make one of these for some time to store Chloe's hair clips and "tangles" (hair ties).  After pintresting different options, I decided to make an original.  I love how it turned out!